Spring is coming, definitely, that means ~happy me~ 
Brought home with me some blooms and played a bit with it and decorated the house. Just can get enough of these pretties little things!

As a long term Instagram user I got really concerned about the last news from Intagram. I really think, and agree with everyone else, that it will kinda ruin the whole INSTAgram experience... what a pity. I'm team #chronologyfirst, just #keepinstagramchronological, please. 
Also, lately I've been getting very upset with Instagram as well due to its compression when uploading a photo - some color channels turn out very messed up - my orange and yellow sub tones, for instance, get all pinkish or red. I'm starting to get really frustrated with this and sometimes I just give up sharing (some) photos. It happened with these photos too...

Wishing y'all great weekend! xx

2 comentários:

  1. Lovely! I love your photos. They are so sweet and delicate. ♡

  2. As tuas fotos são lindas, lindas, lindas!